Indoor and Retail products

POP Technology features

The flexible point of purchase system Triplesign POP is the camelot of the sign industry. The signs can be adaptable to all environments from inside the stores of the shopping center to the streets of the city. All installations is possible due to innovative profile solutions and adapters. The flexible design system enables you to easy change color, form and material .


XP Technology features

The XP-portfolio is built up form customers desires. XP is built from moduleas and can be produced in vertually any size upon request. Our deliveries vary from sizes under 1x1 meter up to 55x5 meter designs.

Triplesign Trivison XP indoor

Triplesign Trivison XP indoor

Silent, eyecatching and contributing to an environment in harmony

Product features

Best total economy Compared to the realistic incomes of the Billboard localisation are in most cases a Triplesign Trivision the best alternative compared to Digital signs and Scrollers. This is due to low investment, low or none maintenance, cost effective message change, longest life time and lowest power consumption.



Triplesign’s unique slide in system of the drive sections into upper beam makes the installation easy and time saving. Four pieces (upper and lower beam, two side profiles) come together to make the frame complete. Insert the prisms and have a 6x3 wall mounted unit in operation after one day work of two persons.


Passive safety system

Due to the upper beam technology in combination with supreme construction technology, the turning of the sections generate very low resistance. Therefore, Triplesign XP is equipped with smaller motors (6W output) than similar products. You get a safer and more silent operation and most importantly, it is almost impossible for the motors to break the components of the drive sections or the gearbox. The passive safety system of Triplesign XP is unique on the market.


Electronic safety function

If the sign does not turn within the specified time the safety system will be activated to avoid the risk of damage to the sign. The system follows a pre-programmed procedure of automatic re-starts.


Signs that remain

Due to Triplesign XP’s slide-in technology it is easy to remove all active components from the durable anodized aluminium frame. Instead of complicated and expensive maintenance after a few years, the slide-in offers the possibility to get a reliable sign which is as good as new at a low cost. The time will pass but your Triplesign will remain.

We guarantee 3 year on all components. The guarantee does not cover vandalism or miss usage of sign. No labour costs are covered by the guarantee. If you follow the instructed 5-year interval of exchange of the drive sections, you can expect a lifetime of many 5-year intervals.

Before delivery, the drive mechanism is tested for 24 hours. All other components are inspected regarding appearance and functionality, in accordance with standardized documented protocol. The expected lifetime of a Triplesign XP well exceeds 10 years.



TIM (Triplesign Internet Management)

TAC (Triplesign Advanced Controller)

Triplesign UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply)

Triplesign Trivision Divider

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