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POP Technology features

The flexible point of purchase system Triplesign POP is the camelot of the sign industry. The signs can be adaptable to all environments from inside the stores of the shopping center to the streets of the city. All installations is possible due to innovative profile solutions and adapters. The flexible design system enables you to easy change color, form and material .


XP Technology features

The XP-portfolio is built up form customers desires. XP is built from moduleas and can be produced in vertually any size upon request. Our deliveries vary from sizes under 1x1 meter up to 55x5 meter designs.

POP Citysize

POP Citysize

Muppies/Citysize wallmounted or freestanding

Triplesign Trivision POP Citysize

The Triplesign Trivision POP Citysize format is a popular format for city streets, pedestrian walks and shopping centers. The signs are either wall-mounted or free-standing. The Citysize freestanding can be single or double and can be combined with static information on the backside.

The size of the signs is adapted to standard bus shelters. Use the quick slide system to install them directly into your bus shelter system.



Available in both inidoor and outdoor versions (specified upon order).


Quality Control

Before delivery, the drive mechanism is tested for 24 hours. All other components are inspected regarding appearance and functionality, in accordance with standardized documented protocol. The expected lifetime of a Triplesign POP exceeds 10 years.


Product features

For 14 rotating three-sided prisms, image size 1172x1750 mm (WxH), external: 1402x1980x180 ( WxHxD).

Frame and cabinet in anodized aluminium profile, RAL colour 9006 silver. Cabinet locked up from lower part and then automatic opened up by gas springs. Incl: 2 gas springs, 2 push locks, tempered glass, timer to adjust display time. Ball bearings are made of stainless steel, double sealed and lubricated for life.



Internally illuminated, 58Wx2 T8 26mm light tubes. The reflector, which is developed together with the faculty of Illumination at the University of Jönköping, ensures maximum diffusion of the illumination. Long life tubes or LED is available as an option.



The glass can be exchanged to either Acrylic XT for maximum damage protection or Polycarbonate XLD. The XLD quality is UV protected with 10 years guarantee against yellow shade and deterioration of transparency.


Back panel

The free-standing unit is delivered with an aluminum back panel, but for the wall-mounted unit is the panel an option.


Back cover

The back cover is usually delivered with backlight. The depth of the back cover is 22mm larger than the standard cover. Under-support solutions are also available, and can be equipped with an elegant backlit logotype.


Locking Device

The locking device is standard for Citysize CI. Push-lock technology ensures the functionality at outdoor locations. Push to lock, key to unlock.



The poles for the free-standing signs are as a standard 2000mm high, in anodized aluminum. Galvanized steel poles are optional, and coated in RAL Silver 9006 as a standard. The price includes top cover and assembling components.



Timer to adjust display time. Electric fuse is standard in all signs. Operating voltage 110Vac or 230Vac 50Hz, or 12/24Vdc. Solar and UPS( uniterruptible power supply ) solutions are available.


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