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POP Technology features

The flexible point of purchase system Triplesign POP is the camelot of the sign industry. The signs can be adaptable to all environments from inside the stores of the shopping center to the streets of the city. All installations is possible due to innovative profile solutions and adapters. The flexible design system enables you to easy change color, form and material .


XP Technology features

The XP-portfolio is built up form customers desires. XP is built from moduleas and can be produced in vertually any size upon request. Our deliveries vary from sizes under 1x1 meter up to 55x5 meter designs.

Triplesign Trivision POP Freehanging

Triplesign Trivision POP Freehanging

Free hanging from wires

Triplesign Trivision POP free-hanging


Product introduction

There are single and double versions of the free-hanging signs. The single version can have one 3-message sign with a poster pocket cover behind the 3-message sign. The double version can have two 3-message signs behind each other or a backlit sign behind the 3-message sign.


Free-hanging kit

For installation just fix the wire into side of the sign with enclosed 2 pair of quick slide on each side. Fix the wire into the ceiling and the floor with enclosed suspension components and you are done. To reposition the sign just loose the quick slide and move the sign. For easiest horizontal movement there is a track profile, for the ceiling and the floor, which the suspension components are fixed into. To reposition horizontally just loosen the tension of the suspension components and move the sign along the profile.

 For shopping window locations please advise you distributor for preparing the signs for backside change of prisms. This solution will finally end the problem with creating a mess in the shopping window for changing a poster.


Quick slide

Quick slide system for simple and nice mounting of details on the signs. It could be external lamps, shop shelves, brochure holders and company information boards. The Quick slide system consists of two parts which is together slid ed into the external frame track of the sign. The two parts are one above the other easily positioned all along the track with a press screw. The remaining hole can then be used for fixing your equipment.



Adapted for light weight applications, message change possible from behind (as well from the front). Standard sign is buit for indoor use.



Product features

Standard sizes are (image size) 50x70 and 70x100 cm. Available in basic version. For special sizes and/or other versions (internally illuminated, outdoor use etc. etc) please consult us.

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