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POP Technology features

The flexible point of purchase system Triplesign POP is the camelot of the sign industry. The signs can be adaptable to all environments from inside the stores of the shopping center to the streets of the city. All installations is possible due to innovative profile solutions and adapters. The flexible design system enables you to easy change color, form and material .


XP Technology features

The XP-portfolio is built up form customers desires. XP is built from moduleas and can be produced in vertually any size upon request. Our deliveries vary from sizes under 1x1 meter up to 55x5 meter designs.

POP wallmounted

POP wallmounted

Basic (B) and Cabinet Illuminated (Ci)

Triplesign Trivision POP wall-mounted


Product introduction

The wall-mounted signs are available in 2 different versions, the Cabinet Illuminated model (CI) and the Basic model without cover or illumination (B). The standard frame is anodized aluminum for both CI and B. The standard cover of the CI- model is available in RAL* Silver 9006, Black 9005 as standard colors, customized colors upon request. Locking device, LED- illumination, poster pocket cover and free-hanging kit are available as additional accessories.


Product features

Quality Control Before delivery, the drive mechanism is tested for 24 hours. All other components are inspected regarding appearance and functionality, in accordance with standardized documented protocol. The expected lifetime of a Triplesign POP exceeds 10 years.Both Basic and Ci POP signs are available with both aluminum and cardboard message system.



The Basic version is designated for indoor use, the Ci version can be upgraded to outdoor use (specified when ordering)


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