Triplesign Trivision XP structures

Triplesign Trivision XP structures

No cutting, no welding - Pre fabricated structures

The time for installation of the structure is drastic reduced as no welding is necessary.

Triplesign Trivision XP structures

 The costs for the structure can many times be higher than for the sign. It can also take time to construct and design a strong, cost effective and elegant structure. In order to make this process efficient for the client has Triplesign designed a standard system of structures for important sizes.


No welding

The beams and other parts of the Triplesign structures are already prepared at delivery with mounting bracket and all other necessary details for assembling the structure and also for mounting the sign on the structure. Including in the shipment is also the required bolts except for foundation bolts. Therefore is no welding necessary.


Save labour

The time for installation of the structure is drastic reduced as no welding is necessary and also due to the fact that sign and structure works perfect together


Save construction time

Instead of construct your own stand you get a ready solution.



Usually you save transport costs. Instead of ordering beams and other components from different suppliers to a welding work shop and than transport the structure to the installation point you get the structure together with the sign.


Cost effective

It is more effective logistics and production for Triplesign to build several stands for many clients than that each client build there own stand


Elegant and flexible design

With the Triplesign structure system you get into system which in comparison are drastic easier to adopt or change to other Triplesign sign solutions. In this way will the stand be a remark for your company as people se, that whether they are single faced, double faced, Trivision or Backlit, that all the stands are of the same elegant design of the same advertising company.



Mono Pole Complete free-standing XP structure for outdoor. Including: Under pole round 2400x273x10mm, 2 horizontal beams 100x100x6,3mm, 1 standing beam 200x200x6,3mm, 2 side beams and mounting components. The structure are delivered in parts which are prepared for assembling with bolts on site. No welding is necessary. Back panel, galvanizing and foundation is not included but can be ordered separately. Structures are available for sizes 3x2, 3x2,4 3,2x2,4 and 4x3 (WxH) Single and double sided.

Side Poles This is a cost efficient alternative for sign sizes up to 5sqm. Including: 2 pc of round side poles 3000x120x5mm, 2 pc of galvanized steel feet, 4 pc of holder sets between poles and sign. Foundation can be ordered as extra.

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