Triplesign Internet Management

Remote access and control you sign from any internet connected computer or smartphone.

Triplesign Trivision Internet Management system

The TIM-Option provides the user to access and control/supervise their selected signs. Simply log on to the TIM-function on Triplesign website with your unique username and password. Whilst online you will have an overview on the global map to show the exact location of all your signs. The TIM system also provides system access to connect the sign to an existing management system via CGI (common gateway interface).


Easy to manage

To manage a specific sign, simply click on the selected site on the map and you will get the dashboard for the selected site. Control your selected sign to stand on a specific face during a specific time of the day (lunch special for your local resturant advertiser, or a reduced speedlimit on a traffic sign during a special event), control the face showing time from your desk, or just supervise the sign status to confirm the sign is running as normal.


Advanced warning-system

TIM-system can also generate alarms, e-mail and/or textmessage, for selected events. Several users can be set-up for a sign/project of signs, with different levels of access.


Designed with standard SIM-card

The TIM-system is designed to be fitted with a standard sim-card and can be used with any provider in most parts of the world. The TIM-system can be delivered equipped with a pre-installed international sim-card provided from Triplesign factory.

Documents to download