Triplesign Trivision Message Change

Different systemsTriple Sign System offers five different systems of message change, Aluquick, AZquick, Alupaper, Alusolid and Cardboard. Each developed and aimed at clients with different needs when it comes to frequency of change and durability. Since the systems are compatible one can exchange one system for another allowing maximum flexibility and performance.

Aluquick & AZquick

Aluquick & AZquick

Slide-in, quick and easy change of long time durable adverts

Aluquick - Triplesign Trivision

Customer and system

The Triplesign Trivision Aluquick poster system is time and cost saving as the message change procedure is quick and easy. Aluquick system consists of a solid aluminum prism with plastic corner profiles where the poster is slid onto the core of the prism and in-between the plastic profiles. The system is the most popular as it is easy to change message and better in price than Alupaper. A 6x3M, 20x10feet face is changed in five minutes.There is 3 different prism systems of Aluquick 80mm and 100mm with aluminium prisms and 100mm with Aluzink prisms. Maximum length for outdoor is 4250mm for 80mm and 5250mm for 100mm (can be extended with divider). The price of the Aluzink prisms system is lower than for the system with aluminium prisms. In general is Aluzink four times stronger against roast than galvanized steel.


Poster media

Poster Media for Aluquick XP signs: Rigid outdoor media materials as polyester and PVC. POPMaxi, POP Citysize with cabinet installed outdoor: Rigid poster paper for short term message and for semi long term blue back paper or long term same material as for the XP above. Indoor: print on all rigid posting materials. Please notice: Maximum thickness of the printing material is 0,5mm. The material is easier to insert into the prism the thinner it is. A rigid material resists strong winds better than soft materials. Materials supplied by Triplesign are both thin and rigid making them both easy to insert and wind resistant.


Original program - TripleSplit

In order to make the original process, the printing process and the message change efficient and without unnecessary mistakes we have developed the TripleSplit software. To get a correct printing original it is important to insert correct parameters of the sign and the image into the program. The images will be printed with the stripes marked and numbered. All in perfect width and good order.


  • Expensive Labor hours for making the original decrease
  • Optimizing the use of material due to correct width of the stripes and correct amount of stripes depending on the width of the printing roll.
  • Easier to apply and pack the material as all printing material are numbered and perfect organized.Easy to insert the prisms into the signs as they are numbered.
  • Finally you avoid mistakes which will save both labor and material.

Print &Split

If automatic flatbed cutter or other automatic cutting systems is not available for the cutting of the stripes please buy perforated rolls called Print & Split ; Split for printing from Triplesign. Please follow your normal printing procedure and install the roll in your printer. After the printing split into stripes prepared in perfect size and straightness. The Print & Split; t is available for both the 80mm and the 100mm systems. Dependent on requirements can Print & Split be arranged in many different materials as Blue Back paper and Polyester.


With the Aluquick system the Billboard company acquire a triple income Billboard with an effective and reliable message change system for a low investment. Use different poster media as papper or polyester dependent on sign model and localization. NO glue - Slide In. NO cutting - Print & Split. Quick and Easy original process - TripleSplit

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