Triplesign Trivision Message Change

Different systemsTriple Sign System offers five different systems of message change, Aluquick, AZquick, Alupaper, Alusolid and Cardboard. Each developed and aimed at clients with different needs when it comes to frequency of change and durability. Since the systems are compatible one can exchange one system for another allowing maximum flexibility and performance.



Patch-on adhesive strips, durable for extreme long adverts/messages.

Alusolid - Triplesign Trivision

Customer and system

Companies that don’t require high frequency of message change and much used in countries with low labor costs. The Alusolid system consists of a solid aluminum prism that is extruded in one piece. The message is glued/applied onto the prism. The Alusolid system is the most common and well known system in three message signage. Available in 80 and 100mm prism width. Maximum length of prism outdoor 4250mm for 80mm and 5500mm for 100mm (can be extednded with the divider).


Original program - TripleSplit

In order to make the original process, the printing process and the message change efficient and without unnecessary mistakes we have developed the TripleSplit software. To get a correct printing original it is important to insert correct parameters of the sign and the image into the program. The images will be printed with the stripes marked and numbered. All in perfect width and good order.


  • Expensive Labor hours for making the original decrease
  • Optimizing the use of material due to correct width of the stripes and correct amount of stripes depending on the width of the printing roll.
  • Easier to apply and pack the material as all printing material are numbered and perfect organized.
  • Easy to insert the prisms into the signs as they are numbered.
  • Finally you avoid mistakes which will save both labor and material.



The best system for locations with 3 long term advertisers as the self adhesive media can be very durable. Also tradionaly used for paper posting with glue in some countries with low labor costs. The investment price is lower for Alusolid than for other aluminium prism systems as Alupaper and Aluquick


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