Triplesign Trivision Message Change

Different systemsTriple Sign System offers five different systems of message change, Aluquick, AZquick, Alupaper, Alusolid and Cardboard. Each developed and aimed at clients with different needs when it comes to frequency of change and durability. Since the systems are compatible one can exchange one system for another allowing maximum flexibility and performance.



Easy change of prepared, distributed light weight prisms.

Cardboard - Triplesign Trivision

Customer and system

The cardboard system is popular for the Retail industry. As they normally in the Retail business change all 3 sides it is suitable for them to exchange the complete prism. The lower price makes the system also competitive as more expensive aluminium prisms is exchanged for cardboard prisms. The Cardboard system consists of printed triangular prisms made out of cardboard. One for indoor and one water resistant for outdoor usage. Maximum length is 1750mm for indoor and 1500mm for outdoor. Indoor prisms can be used outdoor in cabinet signs but there is time restrictions. The prisms are light and durable. They are easily inserted and removed from the sign by anyone. After use, the prisms are disposable and recyclable, making them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


How to apply printings

Most efficient is to use offset, screen and digital flatbed printing direct on the flat cardboard. It is also possible to laminate on the flat cardboard or on the folded prism. Jig for lamination can be supplied by Triplesign. The folding of the prisms is either automatic with glue or done manually with a jig and tape. To change the message in the sign print new prisms or laminate new advertisement on the old prisms.


Original program - TripleSplit

In order to make the original process, the printing process and the message change efficient and without unnecessary mistakes we have developed the TripleSplit software. To get a correct printing original it is important to insert correct parameters of the sign and the image into the program. The images will be printed with the stripes marked and numbered. All in perfect width and good order.


  • Expensive Labor hours for making the original decrease
  • Optimizing the use of material due to correct width of the stripes and correct amount of stripes depending on the width of the printing roll.
  • Easier to apply and pack the material as all printing material are numbered and perfect organized.
  • Easy to insert the prisms into the signs as they are numbered.
  • Finally you avoid mistakes which will save both labor and material

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