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Triplesign Trivision Technology

Trivision Quality Control

Before delivery, the drive mechanism is tested for 24 hours. All other components are inspected regarding appearance and functionality, in accordance with standardized documented protocol.


Trivision Guarantee

Three years on all components. The guarantee does not cover vandalism or missusage of sign. No labour costs are covered by the guarantee.Please follow the instructed 5-year interval of exchange of the drive setions and you can expect a lifetime of many intervals.


Trivision Electronic Safety Function

If the sign does not turn within the specified time the safety system will be activated to avoid the risk of damage to the sign. The system follows a pre-programmed procedure of automatic re-starts.


Trivision Passive Safety System

The passive safety system of Triplesign XP is unique on the market. Due to the upper beam technology in combination with supreme construction technology, the turning of the sections generate very low resistance. Therefore, Triplesign XP is equipped with smaller motors (6W output) than similar products. You get a safer and more silent operation, and most importantly, it is almost impossible for the motors to break the components of the drive sections or the gearbox.


Trivision sign - Signs that remains

Due to Triplesign XP’s slide-in technology it is easy to remove all active components from the durable anodized aluminium frame. Instead of complicated and expensive maintenance after a few years, the slide-in offers the possibility to get a reliable sign which is as good as new at a low cost. The time will pass but your Triplesign will remain.


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