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Triplesign System AB is a Swedish-based producer of three-message trivision signs. Our strategy is to offer the market quality products at reasonable prices through skilled and reliable distributors.


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Welcome to Triplesign

We are a Swedish-based producer of three message signs founded in 1998 by former owners of World Sign International. Triplesign has developed a 3-faced prism technology for Triplesign Traffic and Triplesign Design.

Our new Traffic Sign Solution featured in Traffic Technology Magazine, June 2020

Traffic Technology Magazine

Gant florence, playing with triplesign trivisions and mirror foil to raise above average

Lerbomotet, uddevalla, sweden, e6 north bound, exit 9

Face1 = No diversion
Face2 = Heavy traffic directed from Uddevalla bridge crossing
Face3 = All traffic directed from bridge crossing.

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