Innovation and eco-technology

Triplesign System AB is a Swedish-based producer of three-message trivision signs. Our strategy is to offer the market quality products at reasonable prices through skilled and reliable distributors.

Triplesign Design

Triplesign has developed the 3-faced prism technology from industrial/traffic environments, to a more elegant presentable offering for in-store, shopping window, exhibition, entrance, facade and public environments.

For the creative artist or designer it has been a background wall or a furniture for creating a dynamic environment, a gentle flowing change of information. This form of presentation including the smooth wave motion is creating emotions for the visitors, which enables to build a gentle and subtle atmosphere, which is the base for a more sophisticated interaction with the audience or the customers.

The 3-faced prism technology of Triplesign is unique in this segment, meeting the highest quality demands of all participants in this exclusive segment.

Triplesign provides the Trivisions with the lowest working sound in the market, the smoothest wave motion, precise and high-end finishing to all aspects of the product.

Our support services include, high quality graphic work, lamination, flexible design and the widest assortment available.

A user friendly management control technology, it is of a maintenance free construction, the lowest power consumption on the market, the most “eco-friendly technology as its core”.

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