Sign Types

Gantry signs

The Triplesign is designed as a modular system which makes it possible to build almost any size of sign. The signs have a supporting back structure that is suitable to attach to an overhead portal.

Small pole mounted signs

Small signs are designed with a light supporting back structure that is suitable to attach to a pole. The signs are particularly suitable for urban areas. The signs can be operated wirelessly using the back-end portal or they can function autonomously, warning for adverse road conditions, or displaying various speeds using a preprogrammed calendar.

Hybrid signs

Directional signs may need variable sections to accommodate to the various traffic conditions. It is not always necessary to make the whole sign a prism sign. Sometimes only part of the sign needs to be flexible.

A Triplesign can be seamlessly build in a static sign. The prisms are flush with the frame, giving the inbuilt sign a smooth appearance.

Multiple section signs

Having a name such as “Triplesign” might suggest a restriction to only 3 messages, but in reality, the Triplesign can be segmented, opening up opportunities to display various sets of information. A Triplesign can be divided into independent sections, both horizontal and vertical.

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