Innovation and eco-technology

Triplesign System AB is a Swedish-based producer of three-message trivision signs. Our strategy is to offer the market quality products at reasonable prices through skilled and reliable distributors.

Traffic Safety

Prismatic VMS for

Significantly lower investment compared to LED VMS

Significantly lower power consumption compared to LED VMS

Safer traffic information

Even if there is no power supply the prismatic VMS expose the picture. The LED VMS will have no message at all without power.

Higher traffic adherence

The adherence to information based on standard traffic information signage is higher than LED based.


Bi-directional mechanism closest path rotation


IP68 connectors

IP68, proximity sensors PNP 24VDC with bayonetted fast connectors

Power consumption during rotation < 10-20W (0-4 W in stand-by mode, depending on communication method)

New development

As the Prismatic Technology is limited to 3 faces LED VMS has been required for multi message VMS. The new Triplesign prismatic VMS is not limited to 3 messages as dif- ferent parts of the units can be operated independently. This opens up for significant savings in investment and more safety traffic information.

Another very important aspect of the low power consumption is that the system re- quires none or almost no power during standby. Therefore system is perfect for remote applications combined with UPS and a small solar panel. For traffic authorities or com- munities this is the system for flexible non-urban traffic control at reasonable costs.


Cable button controlled or rotary switch

Inbuilt VMS

Anti-freeze prism movement system

Self carrying back structure

Anti-freeze heating system

Manual operation as standard or as ope- ration alternative to electric operation

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