Triplesign Solar Powered signs

A sustainable solution leaving zero carbon footprint

Climate change and reduction of CO² emissions are currently high on the agenda all over the world. Local communities and cities are looking for sustainable solutions to guide the traffic and prevent accidents.

The power consumption for displaying the message is zero with a Triplesign VMS. Reflective foil is used to display the message. In comparison to an LED VMS that needs continuous power to display the message, a Triplesign VMS is the more sustainable option.

  • The power consumption for a standard and online connected Triplesign VMS controlled via Wi-Fi or SIM card is only 1Watt/hour, which is a fraction of the power consumption of an LED VMS.
  • With the new secure communication system, which uses an IoT SIM card and an annual subscription, the power consumption is reduced to 0,14Watt/hour!
  • The expected lifetime of a Triplesign is at least 20 years, with limited and simple maintenance, especially compared to an LED VMS.
  • The service life can be extended by another 20 years by exchanging (only) the active components through a simple and patented procedure.

The Triplesign standalone solar sign is easy to install. Because the sign can be controlled wirelessly and is self-sufficient in power supply, no cable excavation using heavy machinery is required, which drastically reduces carbon footprint.

Another advantage is the installation time to get the sign up and running. This is a matter of hours instead of days. Installing a Triplesign VMS has a limited impact on traffic flow and no major and expensive roadblocks and traffic safety measures are required to install the sign.


The carbon footprint for installing and operating a Triplesign VMS is minimal, especially compared to an LED VMS.