Toll road

Directing the traffic to correct station depending on the type of vehicle and payment method.

Tunnels and bridges

By law it is compulsory to inform when a tunnel or bridge is closed.

Traffic Flow

Closing a lane, open up a road shoulder as an extra traffic lane, redirecting the traffic.

Road works

Road works generally slow down traffic and negatively impacts the traffic flow. It may also require extensive traffic redirection over the course of the road work. Therefore there is a need for flexible traffic information, which can be changed frequently and remotely, ensuring a safe working environment for the road workers.


The traffic intensity fluctuates significantly around major terminals. Therefore VMS are required for a flexible direction of the traffic.

Vehicles VMS

For flexible traffic direction and information at road work or incident. TR2130C Approved. Tested for portable and permanent road traffic control equipment. Including vibration and shock resistance testing.

City, school or pedestrian zone

In urban areas there can be varied traffic regulations in a zone over the day or by season. The VMS changes messages according to pre-programmed information or by traffic control management.

Weighbridge station

Used to call in the heavy traffic forinspection. High risk road work is therefore avoided.

Other Use Cases

  • Unattended Railwaycrossings
  • Road Construction
  • Loading area
  • Parking lots
  • Road Closures
  • Flood Warning
  • High Wind warnings
  • Ice Warning
  • Animal Warning
  • Slippery road Warning

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Traffic cone on road